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1 - Abstract

As there are two different types of certificates, there are two individual tasks to setup a client.

  • Host Certificate
  • Client Certificate

If one would like to use only one certificate, execute the corresponding subtask.

Configuration paths

There are two different options to tell the ssh daemon about the certificate: 'user based' (recommended)  or 'global'

  • 'user based': The certificate is valid for one specific user on the client.

  • 'global': The certificate is valid for each user on the client.


2 - Client Certificate

Step 1 - Sign client's public key

The instructions how to singed a clients public key can be found here.

The CA provides a zip file where all signed keys are stored.

Step 2 - Copy all certificates to netdef folder

Copy all certificates that can be found in the provided tar file to the folder '$SSH_CERTIFICATES'.


Step 3 - Edit the config file

Add the following lines to '$SSH_CONFIG'. The name of the certificate as well as '$SSH_CERTIFICATES' must be replaced with the correct file name and the correct path to the folder respectively.

Host *
	CertificateFile `$SSH_CERTIFICATES`/
	CertificateFile `$SSH_CERTIFICATES`/ 
	CertificateFile `$SSH_CERTIFICATES`/

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