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OSR will provide the community with development resources to support three main initiatives   

  • bug fixes: These are simple to moderate work against public code.  We will submit patches for review and incorporation. If the change is more complex, we will include a unit test for validation. 
  • new features: OSR will develop design documents for public review. We will then develop code and unit tests which will then receive public review. Merging code into the mainline will be handled the same way non-OSR submissions are.  
  • critical fixes/vulnerabilities:

Each one of these require a very different approach. When an issue is discovered, the fix must be done as quickly as possible, and OSR will put its development staff on the problem if it has not been fixed by others in the community. If the issue is found by OSR, OSR will contact a key developer list as well as CERT-FI and immediately allocate staff to fix the bug. Coordination will be through CERT-FI.

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